embedded world 2023 Best in Show Winners: Sensors

March 13, 2023


embedded world 2023 Best in Show Winners: Sensors

Winners have been chosen based on a 15-point rubric that considers solutions’ Design Excellence (5 points), Relative Performance (5 points), and Market Impact/Disruption (5 points).

The Embedded Computing Design editorial staff is pleased to present this year’s embedded world Best-in-Show winners in the Sensors category:

  • Synaptics’ Resonate: Synaptics ResonateTM is a game-changing solution for embedded system designers that uses piezoelectric transducers mounted on the rear of the display to generate and project audio directly outward from the glass surface, while also providing haptic feedback and touch pressure sensing. Resonate is uniquely positioned to solve the power, cost, space, and reliability problems associated with the development of rugged, reliable, interactive, embedded systems —while still providing a high-quality audio, haptic, and touch-sensing experience. As fully-capable audio/visual/sensing interfaces become increasingly important in the age of AI for embedded systems, Resonate provides an opportunity to rethink and differentiate designs while optimizing for the most critical application requirements.
  • Bosch Sensortec’s BMV080 – Particulate Matter Sensor: A major component of indoor air pollution consists of fine dust known as PM2.5 particulates. These are inhaled and enter the lungs, where they can cause serious health problems. The most common air quality measurement stations only provide outdoor data, which fails to deliver real-time, localized information most relevant to our health. Bosch Sensortec is addressing this issue with its new BMV080, the world’s smallest PM2.5 sensor, which provides accurate, actionable data. Its innovative design is based on ultra-compact lasers with integrated photodiodes. It applies sophisticated algorithms to measure the PM2.5 concentration directly in free space, without requiring a fan.
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