Product of the Week: Artila’s Arduino-Based Programmable Industrial IoT Gateway, the Matrix-310

January 16, 2023

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Product of the Week: Artila’s Arduino-Based Programmable Industrial IoT Gateway, the Matrix-310

Industrial automation and smart city applications are just some of the many IoT environments that deploy sensors and devices that rely on real-time, continuous communication to and from the cloud.

In order to ensure the reliable movement of inbound and outbound data traffic, the Matrix-310 from Artila provides multi-communication via an Arduino-based, C/C++ programmable industrial IoT gateway. With the integrated ESP32 Xtensa Dual-Core 32-bit LX6 Microprocessor, Artila’s IoT gateway provides up to 240 MHz of frequency, as well as Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz single band) and dual-mode Bluetooth.

The gateway provides software via an Arduino IDE. Ideal for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance functions, which are commonly performed in Industrial IoT environments, the Matrix-310 provides Dual Serial ports and digital In/Out connectivity for data transmission to the cloud. Users can install the ESP32 Arduino core through board manager of the Arduino IDE.

Artila’s Matrix-310 IoT Gateway in Action

For versatility in the aforementioned application areas, the Matrix-310 features 520KB of onboard SRAM for data and instructions and 4MB of Flash for booting and core functions. The previously mentioned Dual Serial ports are RS-232 & RS-485, and dual networks are available. One 8-position rotary switch is provided for setup device ID or application mode, as it can be used for custom-defined input. The IoT gateway also enables the use of two opto-isolation digital inputs & one relay out.

The Matrix-310 provides one micro-SD Card socket for mass data retention and 1x 10/100Mbps of Ethernet for networking, both of which support the SPI interface. The Ethernet supports the  RJ45 connector, and the internal SD slot is SD 2.0 compliant and supports SDHC.


Additional device features include a watchdog timer and real-time clock enabled by the ESP3 2, a power input of 9-40VDC via a terminal block, and typical power consumption of 12VDC operating at 150mA. The Matrix-310 provides indicators for power, ready, LAN, UART, Wi-Fi, and gateway status.

Measured at 30 x 140 x 95mm with a net weight of 424.5g and operating temperature of 0~70°C, the solution is CE Class A and FCC Class A regulated. The IoT gateway enables installation for DIN-rail mounting (30mm) and wall mounting with rugged solid steel metal housing and a chassis ground screw that can withstand EMI. 

Getting Started with the Matrix-310 Industrial IoT Gateway

Artila provides a wide range of free application development tools for the Matrix-310, such as:

  • Free Xtensa C/C++ toolchain
  • Free Arduino official IDE
  • Free Microsoft Arduino plugin for VS code
  • Example codes to access Cloud APIs
  • Example codes to access Modbus RTUs

The Matrix-310 also promotes easy software development with the IDE/C-language, Arduino, and Micro Python. Artila recommends the Arduino IDE as the software development tool for the Matrix-310, and provides example codes on GitHub. According the company, using a single off-the-shelf micro-USB cable, an application sketch can be uploaded to the Matrix-310. The Matrix-310 is also ideal for accessing modbus devices.

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