Infineon Adds the AIROC™ CYW20820 Bluetooth® & Bluetooth® LE System on Chip

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 14, 2022


Infineon Adds the AIROC™ CYW20820 Bluetooth® & Bluetooth® LE System on Chip

Infineon Technologies AG is adding the AIROC™ CYW20820 Bluetooth® & Bluetooth® LE (low energy) system on chip (SoC) to its AIROC Bluetooth Portfolio. The AIROC CYW20820 Bluetooth & Bluetooth LE SoC is a Bluetooth 5.2 core spec compliant device for IoT applications.

It is designed to support a wide spectrum of use cases for home automation and sensors including medical, security, and industrial, as well as lighting, Bluetooth Mesh, or any IoT application that needs Bluetooth LE or dual mode Bluetooth connectivity.

The AIROC CYW20820 Bluetooth & Bluetooth LE SoC provides reliable connectivity and low power with high performance compute capability integrating an ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller unit with floating point unit. The integrated device has multiple digital interfaces, an optimized memory subsystem, and a power amplifier delivering up to 11.5 dBm transmit output power in LE and BR (basic rate) modes, reducing the device footprint and the costs associated with implementing Bluetooth solutions.

Infineon is also adding three modules including onboard crystal oscillator, passive components, and the AIROC CYW20820 system on chip to its AIROC Bluetooth module portfolio. These integrated modules are globally certified to support fast time-to-market of IoT devices. The AIROC CYBT-243053-02, CYBT-253059-02, and CYBT-243068-02 modules are supported by ModusToolbox™ software and tools with code examples to support rapid Bluetooth application development.

For more information, visit Infineon.