OmniVision Releases Nyxel 2 Technology, No-Light, Near-Infrared CMOS Image Sensing

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 09, 2020


OmniVision Technologies released Nyxel 2, the company?s second generation near-infrared (NIR) technology for image sensors that operate in low to no ambient light conditions.

OmniVision Technologies released Nyxel 2, the company’s second generation near-infrared (NIR) technology for image sensors that operate in low to no ambient light conditions.

OmniVision’s research and development team has continued to refine its silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to achieve new records in quantum efficiency (QE), according to the company. Nyxel 2 provides a 25% improvement in the invisible 940nm NIR light spectrum and a 17% increase at the 850nm NIR wavelength.

With these refinements, Nyxel 2 can now achieve 50% QE at 940nm, as measured using data from a 2.9 micron pixel. At the 850nm NIR wavelength, Nyxel 2 can provide 70% QE. The results of these Nyxel 2 technology improvements are even higher and still unrivaled image quality, greater image detection range, and further reduction in light source requirements for even lower power consumption and extended battery life.

Nyxel 2-based camera systems requires fewer LED lights, reducing overall power consumption and extending battery life. These added benefits make the technology adequate for surveillance systems, automotive in-cabin driving monitoring systems, and the burgeoning under-display sensors in mobile devices.

Machine and night vision camera applications may rely on NIR technology because NIR light illuminates objects with wavelengths outside the visible spectrum. Additionally, because the night sky contains more NIR photons than visible photons, greater NIR sensitivity allows for higher-resolution image capture with fewer power-hungry LEDs.

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