Can Particle Accelerators Accelerate Industry Standards?

September 16, 2021

Can Particle Accelerators Accelerate Industry Standards?

On this episode of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss the push/pull of industry hardware standards, as support for PCI Express Gen 4 on the latest generation of Intel chipsets has created an inflection point for board- and system-level specifications that serve both legacy and emerging applications.



Next, the Insiders are joined by Mark Doran, President of the UEFI Forum, to discuss release 2.9 of the firmware/OS interface specification. Now that electronic systems of all types support different and advanced memory configurations, will the role of abstraction layers like UEFI become less abstract?

Then, a trio of engineers from the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, or DESY, research center in Hamburg, Germany, wonder how they can balance the demand for performance at some of the most advanced particle accelerators in the world with the need for standards-based computing platforms that protect these sophisticated, publicly-funded systems from the cost and availability risks of single-source designs. Assistant Editor Chad Cox reports.

Tune in.