Dev Kit Weekly: AMD-powered Advantech ASMB-831 Server Board

November 17, 2023

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As all forms of manufacturing become ever more automated, and creep closer to zero-touch, dark factory floors with little or no human intervention needed, those industrial enterprises are going to need sophisticated compute able to handle machine learning, AI and command and control at the Intelligent Edge. Enter the ASMB-831.

Advantech says this this single socket motherboard is designed for high-end factory automation and control, optical inspection, intelligent manufacturing, warehouse management, and medical imaging applications. It’s also tailored to suit the needs of high-density GPU-based AI solutions at the server level.

The board is powered by an AMD EPYC Embedded 9004 processor with Five PCIe x16 and two PCIe x8, both of which are Gen 5, for four double-deck cards that has DDR5 RDIMM memory at 4800 MHz with up to 384GB capacity with 6 DIMMS. There’s one per channel. For connectivity, it’s equipped with dual 10 gig Intel X710-AT2 LAN ports.