Mocana Developer Kit Makes It Easy to Add Strong Security to IoT Devices

April 26, 2017

Mocana Developer Kit Makes It Easy to Add Strong Security to IoT Devices

Today, Mocana, a provider of industrial IoT security solutions, announced availability of a new developer kit to help computer engineers and programmers integrate effective security into IoT...


Mocana IoT Security DevKit

Mocana IoT Security DevKit

Mocana IoT Security DevKit

Mocana IoT Security DevKit

Industrial IoT Security Leader Gives Developers Simplified, Cost Effective Way to Integrate Trusted Platform Modules

SAN FRANCISCO – April 26, 2017 – Mocana Corporation, a leading provider of industrial-strength security technology for mission-critical IoT and industrial control systems, today announced limited availability of the Mocana IoT Security Developer Kit (DevKit). The kit includes Mocana’s IoT security software modules integrated with an Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM chip on a Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer. The kit provides developers, who may not have deep cybersecurity or cryptography expertise, with a way to simplify the notoriously difficult integration of hardware-based security features into IoT devices.

“Expecting developers to understand the more than 3,000 pages of documentation on the proper implementation of TPM is impractical,” said Srinivas Kumar, Vice President of Engineering at Mocana. “Our DevKit provides an easy-to-use developer interface that greatly simplifies and accelerates the development and testing of critical IoT security functions based on hardware security – in this case a TPM chip.”

One of the world’s leading technology analyst firms predicts that more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020. Along with this massive growth, comes the need for strong security that can be easily integrated into these billions of devices. The ubiquity of hardware-based security chips and the low-cost of Raspberry Pi makes the Mocana solution a perfect answer to the demands of developers and device manufacturers that want to familiarize themselves with the concepts and functionality of calling cryptographic functions implemented by a TPM.

Customized for a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board, the Mocana IoT Security DevKit includes the following Mocana software modules:

- An API layer and abstraction platform that simplifies integration with hardware-based security features


- A secure cryptographic engine for asymmetric and symmetric ciphers

- Secure transport for SSL, SSH and Wi-Fi (via an 802.11i supplicant)

- Secure key and certificate storage and management based on SCEP, OCSP and EST protocols.

Developers will be able to test the following functionality out of the box with sample applications included with the DevKit:

- Use the Mocana security API layer to generate TPM keypairs and leverage TPM functionalities

- Establish SSL or SSH connections with TPM keys and certificate-based mutual authentication

- Establish secure connectivity using an 802.11i (WPA2) supplicant to connect to a Wireless Access Point

- Demonstrate remote attestation of the platform using a TPM-signed quote

- Generate TPM keys and X.509 certificates based on SCEP and EST (RFC 7030) certificate management protocols.

“Industrial device manufacturers, IoT solution providers and contract manufacturers are demanding solutions to accelerate the integration of TPM technology,” said Steve Hanna, Senior Principal at Infineon. “Mocana’s IoT Security DevKit, which integrates our OPTIGA™ TPM hardware, is a comprehensive low-cost solution for anyone looking to harden IoT devices and underlying software with TPM cryptoprocessors.”

The Mocana IoT Security DevKit, which includes a 90-day evaluation license, is available for qualified device manufacturers and IoT solution providers with plans to implement strong security within nine months.

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About Mocana

Founded in 2002, Mocana provides mission-critical IoT security solutions for embedded systems, industrial controls and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our proven cybersecurity software goes beyond traditional security approaches by making IoT and ICS devices trustworthy and enabling secure device-to-cloud communications. Mocana’s full-stack platform operates across complex, multi-vendor environments where performance and security are critical to ensuring safety and reliability. Hundreds of industrial and IoT companies depend on Mocana’s military-grade technology to protect millions of IoT devices, controllers and embedded systems.