TLA+ Foundation Corrects Early Errors Saving Time and Money

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 21, 2023


San Francisco.  The Linux Foundation inaugurated the TLA+ Foundation further expanding the implementation and development of TLA+, with working members including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, and Microsoft. TLA+ enables software developers to verify complex software systems and utilization yields a reduction in errors with needed dependability.

TLA+ language is utilized for concurrent and distributed modeling environments.  With TLA+, and its included tools, foundational design errors are mitigated saving time and resources. “TLA+ is a powerful tool in our toolbox that helps us to verify the correctness of our software systems under assumptions,“ said Byron Cook, Vice President, and Distinguished Scientist at AWS.

The foundation is set to raise awareness and support with educational tools and training resources. “The TLA+ tools have helped identify issues with their designs before writing a single line of code. By joining the TLA+ Foundation, we aim to foster a community of TLA+ practitioners who care deeply about designing correct distributed systems," said Dharma Shukla, Technical Fellow at Microsoft.

 The committee will also:

  • Fund research
  • Develop tools
  • Build a community of TLA+ practitioners.

"High scale distributed cloud services form the backbone of all hyperscaler cloud platforms. We are excited to join TLA+ Foundation as a founding member with the goal of furthering the TLA+ toolkit and improving the quality of distributed cloud services in the years to come," said Pradeep Vincent, SVP and OCI Chief Technical Architect, Oracle. 

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