Codasip Delivers Custom RISC-V Processing to SiliconArts Ray-Tracing GPUs for the Development of AR/VR Applications

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 04, 2022


Codasip Delivers Custom RISC-V Processing to SiliconArts Ray-Tracing GPUs for the Development of AR/VR Applications

Codasip and SiliconArts, provider of photo-realistic ray tracing graphics rendering, have combined Codasip’s RISC-V processor IP and SiliconArts ray tracing GPUs for the development of augmented reality applications.

With SiliconArts adopting Codasip’s application-specific Codasip 7-series RISC-V processors and Codasip Studio customization tools into its ray tracing solution, the companies allow customers to integrate high-performance graphics into their applications, with full access to Codasip’s architecture licenses.

An advanced MIMD GPU for ray tracing is provided by SiliconArts with advanced photo-realistic rendering algorithms for low-power solutions. With Codasip Studio, customization can be provided to RISC-V processor cores to fit the need of individual applications, with tools that enable application-specific processing, compatibility with the RISC-V standard, and no core restrictions.

According to Dr Hyungmin Yoon, CEO of SiliconArts, “In working with Codasip, we have full access to the IP, to the customization suite of Studio tools. SiliconArts can also provide services to other chip designs with our knowledge of the Codasip system tools based on their RISC-V IP, which is incredibly well-tested and already widely used in billions of other devices.”

The collaboration between Codasip and SiliconArts will combine the both company’s IP portfolios for integrated CPU and GPU designs with customization services, further enabling the development of RISC-V GPUs for AR/VR applications.

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