VSORA's Single Chip Package Aids in Generative AI Integration

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 22, 2023


VSORA's Single Chip Package Aids in Generative AI Integration
Image Credit: VSORA

Paris, France. VSORA is releasing a single-chip architecture*, Jotunn4, to optimize Generative AI integrations. Jotunn4 delivers 1.6 petaflops with an efficiency of more than 50% within a 45 x 45 mm package. The current general efficiency range is 2-4%. Included is 192 GB of on-chip memory and an overall power consumption of less than 100W.

“As ChatGPT and other generative AI continue reaching a fevered pitch, the semiconductor industry needs to step up with supporting hardware,” remarks Khaled Maalej, VSORA founder and CEO. “That’s what we intend to do with our single-chip architecture to trounce the memory wall and accelerate generative AI implementations.”

ChatGPT-3.5 is operated by Jotunn4 completely on-chip. Implementations of algorithms are simplified when the VSORA high-level language and graph compiler development flow is utilized.

“The VSORA ChatGPT-on-chip architecture can unleash the unbounded potential of Generative AI such as ChatGPT,” states Nicolas von Bülow, managing partner at Clipperton Finance, a VSORA financial adviser. “It will spearhead a paradigm shift in the semiconductor industry.”

For more inforamtion, visit vsora.com.

*Editors Note: VSORA architecture is algorithm agnostic, allowing existing as well as new algorithms to be run on any VSORA chip.


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