Bluespec's MCUX RISC-V Processor Ideal for FPGAs and ASICs

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 05, 2023


Bluespec's MCUX RISC-V Processor Ideal for FPGAs and ASICs
Image Credit: Bluespec

Framingham, Massachusetts. Bluespec Inc. released its MCUX RISC-V processor designed to simplify the integration of customize protocols and add accelerators to FPGAs and ASICs. The platform is ideal for solutions that require a small processor to operate custom modules, IO devices, sensors, actuators, and accelerators.

"The small footprint of our MCUX RISC-V processor directly translates to cost savings for our customers. Developers can add advanced hardware extensions to accelerate specific workloads to run even more efficiently while keeping resources very low," said Charlie Hauck, CEO at Bluespec. "Another major advantage of our MCUX processor is that there are no licensing restrictions so developers can work with any FPGA vendor."

Bluespec's MCUX can function at a high frequency for integration into designs without crossing clock domains with non-high frequency operation adding extra timing slack without an effect on timing closure. The MCUX is suited for machine vision, video decoding, audio decoding, and radar signaling applications within the markets of industrial automation, defense, IoT, and edge.

"Defense applications have extremely specific requirements, so customizability is a key consideration when we're evaluating which processors we'll use," said Daniel Kunkel, Senior Principal Digital Electronics Engineer at Northrop Grumman. "We selected Bluespec's MCUX thanks to the extensibility of RISC-V and the ability to add accelerated workloads."

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