IAR Delivers "Security Made Simple"

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 22, 2023


Image Credit: IAR

Uppsala, Sweden. IAR recently launched its IAR Embedded Trust, a strong and reliable solution for end-to-end security workflow within embedded applications. The platform is a device-agnostic security solution enabling easy porting with present designs to new microcontrollers. This shortens development time as well as the reuse of code without starting from scratch.

“It helps developers enhance their security operations and building protection from the product design phase to prevent IP and unauthorized over-production by third-party contract manufacturers. All our efforts aim to ensure that developers can take advantage of Security Made Simple when using IAR Embedded Trust,” said Tim Woodruff, Deputy General Manager for IAR Embedded Security.

IAR utilizes its four ‘A’s’ to secure customers data and devices, the four include anti-cloning, active IP protection, anti-rollback, and authentication.

4 A’s:


  • introduces the concept of unique identification for software applications and device hardware, which prevents counterfeits and over-production in manufacturing;

Active IP protection

  • secure key management ensures applications only run on authorized devices and only after a successful Secure Boot process


  • software update processes and checks that are in place to protect against roll-back attacks and versioning exploits


  • cryptographic assurance of a device's identity, its protected data and secrets, and running of only genuine firmware and updates, all based on a trust anchor established in every device which cannot be undermined

“With this new solution, we massively enhance our product offering and help our customers to master their security challenges and prepare for pending legislations in these areas,” said Tim Woodruff, Deputy General Manager for IAR Embedded Security. “IAR Embedded Trust features advanced capabilities and pushes the boundaries of innovation while addressing security vulnerabilities in product development processes and embedded technology worldwide,“ continued Woodruff.

For more information, visit www.iar.com.


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