OneEvent Technologies Adds Humidity & Temperature Sensor to OnePrevent System

August 31, 2017

OneEvent Technologies Adds Humidity & Temperature Sensor to OnePrevent System

The new multi-sensor rounds out the company's Water Solutions Package - engineered to prevent water damage, flooding and mold in commercial and residential properties.

OneEvent™ Technologies, a startup that created a predictive analytics engine for the building monitoring and security market, is adding a new humidity and temperature sensor to its lineup of innovative multi-sensors to augment its unique OnePrevent™ system. Acting as an additional layer of security, the OnePrevent system leverages a powerful cloud-based analytical engine that processes data collected by wireless sensors to determine what’s normal within a building or home environment. The system can help installation professionals grow their commercial and residential business with a preventative offering that is intuitive, easy to install, and complementary to existing building systems such as fire and burglary alarms.

The OneEvent humidity and temperature multi-sensor utilizes state-of-the-art sensor IC technology, offering incredibly accurate measurements. Its wide operating range and excellent stability make it suitable for most harsh areas where accuracy is a must. The radio board interface allows the OneEvent transmitter to share environmental data with the OneEvent gateway, providing state-of-the-art predictive analysis, health checks and mobile client notification.

Featuring a rugged case and a wide temperature operation range of -40ºC to 85ºC, the humidity and temperature sensor has been designed for commissioning, maintenance and daily end-user interface. Under normal conditions, the sensor transmits data to the OneEvent gateway every 180 seconds, but once a rapid increase or decrease in either humidity or temperature is measured (humidity changes > 3.5% in a 4-second time period or temperature changes > 0.2°C in a 4-second time period), the sensor switches to sending data every 4 seconds. The unit includes a tamperproof feature that sends an alert to the user if there is an unauthorized attempt to interfere with the sensor, and two replaceable CR123 batteries power the unit for up to 10 years. The sensor also transmits battery voltage and alerts the user when the batteries are low in power.


Applications for the humidity and temperature sensor include:


- Commercial server rooms, which are prone to high temperature and humidity levels. IT managers can use data from the sensor to keep track and get alerts.


- Residential properties suffering from moisture buildup in basements and seasonal temperature variations, which can cause flooding or freezing pipes. Receive alerts before disaster strikes.


- Indoor pool areas, such as heater, mechanical and chemical rooms, which are at high risk for irregular humidity and temperature settings.


- Apartment complexes, where property managers can address two significant challenges – energy usage and tenant comfort – using multiple sensors.


- Restaurant cooking areas, where the overhead sensor can quickly identify a potential kitchen fire versus boiling water.


- Walk-in coolers and freezers, where the recording and maintaining of consistent temperatures are crucial.

OneEvent’s humidity and temperature sensor is available now along with the multi-sensor smoke/temperature alarm, door/window sensor, multi-sensor presence detector and water sensor – all products that make up the OnePrevent system. For more information on OneEvent Technologies, visit the website.


About OneEvent Technologies

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