Java’s Got a Warmup Problem and Azul is ReadyNow to Solve It

By Ken Briodagh

Senior Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 30, 2023


Java’s Got a Warmup Problem and Azul is ReadyNow to Solve It

Azul, a company that specializes in Java, has announced its new ReadyNow Orchestrator as an enhancement of its Azul Platform Prime, powered by ReadyNow technology.

It’s well-known that Java has a problem with its long warm-up times. This problem slows operations as the JVM compiles and recompiles the code until it gets to peak performance.

Well, perhaps there’s help on the way. ReadyNow is designed to speed warmup time for Java applications to improve operational efficiencies and minimize cloud costs. Azul is making ReadyNow Orchestrator available immediately, at no additional charge for Azul Platform Prime customers.

“Java’s warmup problem has long been an issue in ensuring peak application performance,” said William Fellows, Research Director, 451 Research. “Organizations should consider ways to reduce operational friction by automating the selection of the best optimization patterns for container-based applications while also improving elasticity to control cloud costs.

Azul said it built Platform Prime’s ReadyNow technology to ensure that Java workloads start fast and stay fast for enterprises of all sizes. ReadyNow works by recording and remembering an application’s optimization profile (sort of like a buffer) and then using that profile to shorten the warmup time the next time the application is run. However, Azul said that generating and distributing these optimization profiles across fleets of applications is complicated and getting more so, especially in containerized environments.

The new ReadyNow Orchestrator is made to automate profile distribution through a dedicated, customer-managed service that monitors entire fleets of JVMs, learns the optimized profile from application use, and then automatically serves the profile to any JVM that requests it. This automated process solves both the complexity of distribution and the Java application warm up problems. 

“Azul has a distinguished history of delivering pioneering technology for Java applications, such as eliminating Garbage Collection pauses and offering the highest application performance with the world’s best Just-in-Time compiler,“ said John Ceccarelli, Sr. Director, Product Management, Azul Platform Prime. “With ReadyNow and ReadyNow Orchestrator, we’re now solving Java’s warmup challenges and providing a novel way for enterprises to improve developer and operational efficiencies and reduce cloud costs.”

Gil Tene, CTO and co-founder of Azul will join William Fellows of 451 Research for a free webinar on “Cloud Cost Optimization for Java Workloads” at noon Eastern time on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

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