Embedded Computing Design Announces Innovative Content Opportunities for RISC-V Summit

October 09, 2023

Press Release

Embedded Computing Design Announces Innovative Content Opportunities for RISC-V Summit

Scottsdale, AZ (Oct. 9, 2023) -- Embedded Computing Design (ECD), the leading global media source covering IoT, AI/ML, Security, Power, and Industrial applications, today announced its innovative content opportunities for the RISC-V ecosystem at the RISC-V Summit North America, held Nov. 7-8, in Santa Clara, California. Hosted by RISC-V International, RISC-V Summit brings together the global RISC-V ecosystem to share technical and industry achievements, network with peers and partners, and more.

At RISC-V Summit, ECD will create awareness around the event and the RISC-V community. That awareness will come through innovative content, including blogs, podcasts, and videos, as well as poster options. Onsite opportunities include:

“We are excited to work with RISC-V International to create these unique content opportunities for its members,” states Rich Nass, EVP of Embedded Computing Design. “Our goal is to highlight the community and technical content around the RISC-V Summit.”

“RISC-V Summit North America is the place for the RISC-V community  to connect, collaborate and showcase the incredible innovation happening across the ecosystem,” states Tiffany Sparks, Director of Marketing, RISC-V International. “We look forward to the content Embedded Computing Design will create with our membership to further enhance the experience of our community and attendees.”

Registration is open for RISC-V Summit. Click here to secure your attendance today.

For more information on how to get involved with the RISC-V Summit Program, click here.

To be included in the Road to Summit, please click here: https://opensysmedia.formstack.com/forms/road_to_riscv_summit

For editorial contributions, contact Rich Nass. And for additional information on ECD’s services around RISC-V Summit, contact Patrick Hopper.

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