Engineering Hero: Writing Code in the Midst of War

September 05, 2023

Engineering Hero: Writing Code in the Midst of War

Welcome to the third installment of Engineering Heroes, sponsored by Wind River, where we take a closer look at the lives of unsung heroes in the world of engineering whose work impacts uncountable lives across the globe. See the bottom of the article for additional content on Valentyn Hlukhotskyy and our other heroes.



Writing firmware for a state-of-the-art embedded system is no easy task. Now imagine trying to accomplish that task with bombs going off in your country, and not knowing where the next one will hit. That’s the predicament Valentyn Hlukhotskyy and his team at IT services and consulting company Euristiq faced as they worked on developing a cloud platform for a U.S.-based health and fitness company while residing in Ukraine. That alone would make Valentyn an Engineering Hero, but Valentyn himself can tell you about it much better than we can.

Hear it right from the source in this next installment of Engineering Heroes, sponsored by Wind River.

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