ITTIA DB Supports VxWorks and WRS Linux

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 27, 2023


ITTIA DB Supports VxWorks and WRS Linux

Bellevue, WA — ITTIA™ announced the current availability of ITTIA DB software for the VxWorks RTOS and Wind River Linux operating system. ITTIA DB is designed as an immersible, real-time database combining time series with real-time data processing for executing locally low-footprint transactional and analytical queries on embedded devices.

Together, ITTIA DB and Wind River software provide an edge computing platform for embedded system applications.

Per the company, the ITTIA DB database is specifically designed to store, accumulate, process, and analyze data stream with each data stream continuously generated from multiple resources. The database enables embedded applications to add records, process, and manage large quantities of time series data. ITTIA DB manages concurrent time series, measuring different variables or metrics in parallel. The solution enables systems to increasingly process information through stream processing, without the need to transmit whole data sets.

ITTIA DB’s advanced Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) removes the need for database locks, allowing fewer database access contention issues, such as deadlocks, while also improving read access performance without blocking continuous, isolated write operations.

Additionally, ITTIA SDL, a secure development lifecycle, adheres to the IEC/ISO 62443 fundamentals, and ITTIA security practices are designed to help manufacturers utilize advanced integrated software development methods, integrated with a secure development lifecycle based on zero trust principles, allowing IoT edge device developers to manage unpredictability.

Data encryption, authentication, and ITTIA DB Security Expert Agent Library, DB-SEAL, are security features included in integration.

“ITTIA and Wind River’s partnership means delivering essential embedded software development value to our customers and collectively solving the most complex real-time data computing problems on the IoT Edge. It also means we are continually improving and evolving the ways we work with partners to best support customers," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA president.

ITTIA will debut ITTIA DB performance characteristics on VxWorks and Linux in its upcoming webinar on April 20th.

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