McObject Announces the Release of eXtremeDB/rt 1.2

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 23, 2023


McObject Announces the Release of eXtremeDB/rt 1.2

McObject® announced eXtremeDB®/rt 1.2, the latest release of its seminal embedded database management system for hard real-time systems.

New features found in eXtremeDB/rt 1.2 are:

  • Support for Asymmetric MultiProcessing (AMP) architecture systems, which possess two CPUs of differing architecture, usually execute different operating systems (e.g., INTEGRITY® and Linux), and possess a large amount of memory shared by the CPUs that can be used for an in-memory database available to both CPUs.
  • Hard real-time performance counters and a micro-web server with a REST API used to attach a GUI dashboard to visualize the counters.
  • Online backup
  • Support for the latest RTOS releases including Nucleus™, Azure RTOS (ThreadX), VxWorks®, MICROSAR, INTEGRITY, and others.

Among the new platforms supported is the NXP® i.MX 8 QuadMax and QuadPlus MCUs, which combine Cortex M cores for real-time tasks, and Cortex A for low-latency multi-processing. The MCUs are capable of running different operating systems (e.g., FreeRTOS™ on the M core and Linux on the A cores), with memory shared between the sides. eXtremeDB/rt support for these platforms includes a custom synchronization implementation for in-memory database sharing between the sides.

Steven Graves, CEO of McObject, says "This new release includes several important new features that make eXtremeDB/rt an even better choice for real-time systems. With its support more target platforms and RTOS, the range of real-time systems that can benefit from eXtremeDB/rt has been greatly expanded. eXtremeDB/rt is the most powerful and reliable embedded database system available, and the only one offering support for hard real-time transactions.""

The full list of supported platforms can be found at

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