The Road to embedded world '23: Palo Alto, California, Mender.IO

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 23, 2023


Image Credit: Mender.IO

On this stop at Mender, we are going to learn about its solution to provide secure, risk tolerant, and efficient over-the-air updates for all device software. Mender’s experts will be at embedded world 2023 and demonstrating live updates on devices.

Mender provides value through the following:

  • Deliver highly secure and robust updates
  • Automate deployments across your global fleet of connected devices
  • Mitigate risks at large scale based on a predefined update deployment plan
  • Customize your deployments and avoid lock-in to any specific platform
  • Reduce total cost of ownership throughout the life of your product
  • Monetize faster with rapid deployment of new features, services and product improvements

Mender's approach

  • Built-in security and robustness
  • Features and support level for any scale fleet management
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing infrastructure without commitment to a specific platform
  • End-to-end software update manager with client-server architecture
  • Open source with a community of users enabling updates on any hardware or operating system

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