Wind River Releases New VxWorks

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


October 08, 2019


Wind River Releases New VxWorks

VxWorks is the first and only RTOS with support for C++17, Boost, Python and Rust collection of technologies.

Wind River launched its VxWorks RTOS, which will assist developers with well-known programming languages and libraries, along with cloud-based development tools and infrastructures to generate new mission-critical applications that demand the highest levels of security and safety. 

The latest release of VxWorks includes: 

  • First and only RTOS to support C++17, Boost, Python, and Rust collection of technologies, along with continued support for languages like Ada and SPARK
  • New LLVM-based infrastructure that supports a broad set of modern and productive tools and frameworks
  • New open source board support packages (BSPs) such as Raspberry Pi and TI Sitara AM65x for quick prototyping and flexibility of choice
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 for the most up-to-date cryptography libraries

VxWorks is supplemented by Wind River Labs, providing access to compatible new technologies and collaborative software projects, proof-of-concepts, open source integrations, and prerelease and experimental software including ROS 2, OpenCV and IoT SDKs for public cloud providers, among others. 

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