STMicroelectronics Releases Power Modules for Automotive Applications

By Ken Briodagh

Senior Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 02, 2023


STMicroelectronics Releases Power Modules for Automotive Applications

In a recent release, STMicroelectronics announced its new ACEPACK DMT-32 family of silicon carbide (SiC) power modules for Automotive applications.

The modules come in a 32-pin, dual-inline, molded, through-hole package and the company said they’re targeted at systems such as on-board chargers (OBC)DC/DC converters, fluid pumps and air conditioning. They are designed to deliver high power density, compact design, and simplified assembly, and the product family grouping enhances flexibility for system designers by presenting a choice of four-pack, six-pack, and totem-pole configurations.

According to the announcement, the modules contain 1200V SiC power switches that leverage ST’s second- and third-generation SiC MOSFET technology that is tuned to ensure low RDS(on) values. The devices also deliver efficient switching performance with minimal dependence on temperature to ensure high efficiency and reliability at converter system level, ST said. 

Leveraging ST’s ACEPACK technology, the company said these new modules will reduce overall system- and design-development costs while ensuring outstanding reliability. The package technology reportedly features a high-performance aluminum nitride (AlN) insulated substrate for top-of-the market thermal performance. There is also an integrated NTC sensor that provides temperature monitoring for thermal protection.

ACEPACK DMT-32 is designed as an all-in-one solution capable of creating complex topologies, such as sixpack, fourpack, and totem pole configurations, with very high-power densities as well as high efficiency requirements, reducing the time-to-market, ST said.

This family of power modules is already available with a 1200 V voltage rating, while the 650 V class will come soon, featuring an embedded NTC thermistor. In addition, in order to improve flexibility at the PCB layout level, DMT-32 is currently available with the dual-in-line pin-out and soon with the staggered option as well. ACEPACK DMT-32 power modules belong to the STPOWER family.

The first product announced in the ACEPACK DMT-32is M1F45M12W2-1LA. The M1F80M12W2-1LA, M1TP80M12W2-2LA, M1P45M12W2-1LA, M1P80M12W2-1LA, M1P30M12W3-1LA reportedly are sampling now with ramp-up to volume production starting from Q1’24. Pricing is dependent on configuration.

The DMT-32 represents a robust solution, designed for the automotive environment, and ST is ready to roll out. What’s more, the company says that, thanks to its SiC technology, the DMT-32 shows the best compromise between energy losses and high switching frequency operation mode.


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