Platform Is Perfectly Suited for Medical Applications

October 19, 2020


Advances in computer-aided healthcare are coming at us at record-breaking speed. While that in itself can be considered a success, it’s the specific end applications—as well as the patients—that really reap the benefits of these programs.

Wincomm offers a solution that’s rugged enough to be situated in an emergency/operating room or on a medical cart. Dubbed the Smart EMR solution, it’s market-ready for medical and associated healthcare applications. The platform helps provide real-time video to enhance medical records and history, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, lab results, and doctor's notes. All this can be annotated with tracking and recognition that’s far more effective for medical professionals than current antiquated methods.

The benefits of the Wincomm Smart EMR solutions include:

  • High-performance computing with intelligent system management
  • Flexible expansion capabilities to fulfill ther needs of varying EMR solutions
  • A solution that’s easy to learn for medical professionals
  • Use of Intel’s OpenVino AI toolkit to maximize performance
  • Anti-bacterial, fanless construction

The Wincomm Smart EMR platforms provide medical professionals with a one-stop solution that maximize cost/performance and ensure long life.