ERNI Extends MicroSpeed Signal Connectors with Additional Pin Counts

May 27, 2021

Press Release

Photo Courtesy of Company

ERNI is expanding its MicroSpeed signal connector product family to include variants with 26, 32, or 44 pins.

The MicroSpeed connectors feature transmission rates of up to 25 Gbps, high vibration resistance, and a compact design that suits deployment in data and telecom, industrial automation, and medical technology applications.

The MicroSpeed signal connectors use double-sided female contacts with an effective wipe length of 1.5 mm and a capture range of 0.85 mm along a 1.0 mm pitch. This combines with SMT coplanarity of less than 0.10 mm to ensure high contact integrity and reliable mating.

The devices support operating temperatures from -55 °C to +125 °C.

The company also recently released new unshielded power connectors with up to 44 contacts (1- or 2-row) that use variable contact spacing to supply up to 15 A of high current, high voltage load. These Power Connectors can therefore be used flexibly in applications that previously required larger connectors.

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