Shake Hands with Techman Robot's TM20

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 31, 2023


Image Credit Techman Robot

Taoyuan, Taiwan. Techman Robot has confirmed the release of the TM20 robotic arm, a smart collaborative robot with powerful AI, weighing in at only 32.8kg,but with the ability to move up to 20kg with a maximum reach of 1300mm on six rotating joints. The robot mitigates energy consumption with a reduction in recharging time as well as having an agile maneuverability in tight spaces.

The TM20 utilizes integrated smart vision to offset positioning errors allowing for quick precise pick-and-place applications. To better attain safety protocols, Techman’s TM Landmark enables real-time updating of the arm position as well as key points in the surrounding area.

Techman’s TM20 is ideal for the following high volume tasks:

  • Packaging and palletizing
  • Massive pick-and-place jobs
  • Material handling
  • Heavy machine tending

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