IEI Announces Embedded Box PC for Mission-Critical IIoT Edge Applications

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 05, 2023


IEI Announces Embedded Box PC for Mission-Critical IIoT Edge Applications

TAIPEI. IEI Integration Corp. recently announced the TANK-XM811, its new embedded box PC featuring a 13th Gen Intel® Raptor-Lake Core™ processor. The TANK-XM811 is suitable for advanced IIoT applications at the rugged edge thanks to integrated Intel® Hybrid Technology to improve multi-threaded performance and several expansion module options available. The TANK enables the acquisition, processing, and display of incoming data in near real-time to address the high-speed data processing, heavy workloads, and increased data quantity requirements of edge computing.

The TANK's integrated Intel® Hybrid Technology combines performance cores (P-cores) and efficient cores (E-cores) to improve workflow efficiency and lower power consumption. The TANK-XM81 has several expansion modules and chassis available to expand on its built-in core I/O of the TANK-XM811, enabling customization options that support additional add-on cards, GPU, and AI accelerator cards for comprehensive industrial applications.

The new embedded box PC utilizes a pin-fin heatsink design that allows bi-directional airflow, enabling better cooling than traditional parallel fins, even without the use of fans. The TANK-XM811 supports a standard power input of 12–28V DC and an optional secondary power input that can accept the extra power necessary for intense computational tasks and high-performance applications that use of powerful accelerator cards.

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