Innodisk's New Vision, "Architect Intelligence", on Display at COMPUTEX

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 31, 2024


Innodisk's New Vision, "Architect Intelligence", on Display at COMPUTEX
Image Credit: Innodisk

Taipei, Taiwan. Innodisk is attending COMPUTEX 2024 with an emphasis on edge AI. Booth highlights will include the CXL 2.0 memory expansion for high scalability, E3.S SSD, and innovative MIPI over Type-C camera technology for machine vision. Demonstrations will consist of smart manufacturing PPE recognition and intelligent people tracking utilizing Innodisk’s custom edge AI capabilities. Innodisk will also introduce its new brand vision, "Architect Intelligence". Make sure to stop by Booth J0110, Hall 1, 1F, to learn more.

Innodisk is staying ahead of the curve by launching the JEDEC compliant DDR5 LPCAMM2 and DDR5-8800 MRDIMM memory and the award-winning E1.S Gen4 SSD series alongside wide-temperature SSDs designed for edge servers, such as the E1.S/E3.S. Also available are 16TB high-capacity SSDs.

The "MIPI over Type-C" camera innovation converts signal through the adapter board design and enhances solution compatibility, reducing the length of MIPI camera cables. The camera is ideal for applications in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and shared mobility.

According to Innodisk, its "InnoTracking" was developed as a smart people-tracking solution with reliable accuracy when identifying and tracking specific individuals across multiple cameras and timeframes. The platform is said to promote public safety in cities, financial institutions, entertainment venues, and retail spaces.

Innodisk's PPE recognition solution uses an FPGA platform to handle real-time images from four cameras at the same time to safeguard against employee accidents. If a violation of safety protocol is recorded, the PPE hastily informs supervisors with information needed to respond accordingly.

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Editor’s note: Accorind to Innodisk, its new "Architect Intelligence" concept aligns with Innodisk's edge AI strategy, emphasizing the practical implementation of AI at the industrial edge. Under this concept, Innodisk integrates various product lines into nine intelligent series, each represented by diverse colors, symbolizing the limitless potential of AI applications and Innodisk's innovative spirit. Furthermore, these colored blocks represent the flexibility of solutions and collaborative effort to architect AI solutions with customers. 

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