Join ASRock Industrial at COMPUTEX 2024 for Next Generation Edge AIoT

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 22, 2024


Join ASRock Industrial at COMPUTEX 2024 for Next Generation Edge AIoT
Image Credit: ASRock Industrial

Taipei, Taiwan. ASRock Industrial will attend COMPUTEX 2024 from June 4th to June 7th at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Booth L0818. On display will be a thorough selection of next-generation solutions for edge AIoT computing including edge AIoT platforms, industrial IoT controllers, mini PCs, and motherboards.

ASRock will showcase four interactive live demos that will highlight the AI LLM Dev Kit developed for AI chatbot, FDO Onboarding 360° Object Detection, Robotic Control, and Flying Trigger Solution.

Latest Products 

Edge AIoT Platform and Industrial IoT Controller 

The iEP-9030E and iEPF-9030S Series leverage Intel Core 14th Gen processor while the iEP-7030E and iEP-5020G Series Industrial IoT Controller features Intel Core Ultra processor and Intel Atom x7000RE.

The iEP-6010E Series utilizes NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin NX/Nano SOM delivering  enhanced computing power, extensive I/O connectivity, and flexible expansion capabilities ideal for rugged environments..

Mini PC and Motherboards 

The NUC(S) Ultra 100 BOX Series and iBOX Ultra 100 Series leverage Intel Core Ultra Processors, while the 4X4 BOX 8040 Series utilizes AMD Ryze 8040U Series. Additionally, motherboards are powered by the latest Intel Core 14th Gen, Intel Core Ultra, Atom x7000RE Processors, and AMD Ryzen Embedded 8000 Series, optimized for edge computing and AI applications.

Live Demos

AI LLM Dev Kit 

A demonstration will feature an AI chatbot solution using LLM inference with RAG on the NUC BOX-155H powered by Intel Core Ultra processors, highlighting how advanced AI language models enhance real-time communication and decision-making capabilities at the edge.

FDO Onboarding 360° Object Detection 

Utilizing the iEP-7020E device, the environment integrates 360° cameras for smart patrolling and object detection with OpenVINO designed for workplace safety and operational efficiency.

Robotic Control 

Live demonstrations featuring the iEP-9020E and iEP-5010G highlight how integrating AI vision and control enhances automation. Witness a precise object detection and positioning platform that is powered by Intel Edge Insights for Industrial and OpenVINO.

The solutions comply with UAO IEC-61499 delivering robotic control with Intel Edge Control for Industrial and EtherCAT, supporting software-hardware decoupling and developing interoperability and efficiency for open automation.

Flying Trigger Solution 

The iEP-5010G industrial IoT controller, powered by Intel Atom x6000RE Processor (Elkhart Lake), integrates TPM control and trigger modules. EtherCAT flying imaging control for defined camera detection and imaging capture safeguard against interrupted manufacturing processes and promotes efficiency.

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