1NCE There Became No More Vendor Lock-In

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 21, 2023


Image Credit: 1NCE

Cologne, Germany. 1NCE is future proofing vendor lock-in issues with its new solution,  Freedom to Switch. Clients can now be at ease knowing they can add or switch connectivity providers when applicable without applied fees. 1NCE customers can integrate 1NCE industrial SIM cards and chips that include eUICC technology assisting in future preparations.

The company is also announcing the capability to design test profiles delivering optimization in the supply chain by testing connectivity during production. Using the test profile, developers can specifically target end-of-line tests.

A SIM change is not required when utilizing AT commands to switch from the 1NCE profile to the test profile – performing the required assessments using a network emulator and then switching back before delivery of the device. Testing is possible including in areas 1NCE is unavailable. The deployment, connectivity, and management of IoT devices around the globe, can be connected for “as little as a dollar per year per device.”

Courtesy to all Lifetime Flat customers is the 1NCE OS is enterprise-grade software, remote access capability, GPS, and a 70% increase in battery life.  

“In IoT, scopes change and data insights evolve, so customers should always have the freedom to switch. 1NCE thinks it should be a fundamental right for customers to add or change a provider over the lifetime of an IoT project – even if that means leaving us,” ends Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE.

 For more information, visit 1NCE’s  online shop or AWS Marketplace.


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