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Thursday 1/23

Beyond the primary issue of whether or not cars of the future will be fossil fueled, electric, or hybrid, and the related issue of energy storage and battery densities, is the question of infrastructure and standards. Industry special-interest groups (SIGs) have risen to address these various issues.
The production-intent kit was designed to automotive temperature ranges and includes an automotive-grade power design with reverse battery protection, helping accelerate the design of ADAS and autonomous systems.
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The parts bring enhanced deep learning capabilities and advanced networking, as well as specialized on-chip accelerators to segment and expedite data-intensive tasks, like computer vision and deep learning.
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In addition to using the ADI tech in their Road-noise Active Noise Control (RANC) system, Hyundai also intends to more broadly adopt ADI?s A2B technology for its fundamental audio connectivity and infotainment applications across its automotive fleet.
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The display panel color matching feature adjusts color hues to identically match across displays within the same vehicle, as well as across vehicles and models so OEMs deliver a consistent user experience.
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Embedded World
KDPOF, a supplier for gigabit transceivers over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber), will demonstrate an automotive-grade optical transmission system with 25 gigabits per second at the Automotive Ethernet Congress from February 12 to 13 in Munich, Germany.
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The HARTING interface module helps adapt the vehicle for a wide range of tasks in a fast, flexible manner.
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MIPI I3C v1.1 builds on existing capabilities with new features for peripheral command, control, and communication to a host processor over short distances.
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In this episode of Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich are joined by Wensi Jin and Mark Corless of MathWorks. They take the wheel as the discussion turns to simulation in the automotive sector, where the emergence of AI, ADAS sensors, and autonomous driving technologies are driving broader testing requirements than ever before.


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