Thursday 10/15

Interestingly enough, automation and AI are not new to IC design and rooted in the past. As we have seen, IC designers have always counted on automation to make processes less task-intensive, but now the systems are more intricate than they?ve ever been.
IC complexity
ON Semiconductor has introduced the AR0234CS 2.3 Mp CMOS image sensor with global shutter technology. The sensor is designed for a variety of applications including machine vision cameras, AR/VR/MR headsets, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and barcode readers.
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The box is based on a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU5EV MPSoC and features a 600MHz dual-core real-time ARM Cortex-R5 processor, a Mali400 embedded GPU, a H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit (VCU) and, FPGA fabric.
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Alliance Memory announced the release of the AS5F series, a collection of SPI NAND flash memory 1.8V-3V products. The devices can store densities from 1Gb to 8Gb and feature clock frequencies up to 120MHz.
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As the written form of human languages evolved, we developed thousands of unique font-families. When we add case (capitals/lower case/uni-case/small caps), skew (italic/roman), proportion (horizontal scale), weight, size-specific (display/text), swash, and serifization (serif/sans in super-families), the number grows in millions, and it makes text identification an exciting discipline for Machine Learning.
sample output


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