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The good news is that there are countermeasures in the form of personal protective equipment (PPE), and simply staying home. In the long term we can hopefully find more effective treatments. For now, though, there?s a shortage of supplies like gloves, masks, and even ventilators. Computing power could even be put to use for research purposes. Factories understandably take some time to ramp up to these challenges, but with the proliferation of advanced home manufacturing equipment and computing power, there?s no shortage of ideas on how individuals can help.

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u?blox announced it has acquired IoT Communication?as?a-Service provider, Thingstream. Thingstream provides IoT connectivity solutions using the industry standard MQTT protocol.
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This new series is an addition to the Pro-face family and provides a solution to the automation industry's need for HMIs that can be used in extreme and hazardous conditions, including outdoor applications.
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Harwin released the Archer Kontrol series of industrial board-to-board connectors. The connectors can withstand 20G of vibration, making them suitable in automation and mechanized processes.
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IIn this edition of Trends in Embedded, Xavier Bignalet, a product marketing manager for Microchip, dives into the importance of cryptographic key exchanges for IoT device authentication.

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