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Thursday 9/24

This week we?ll be giving away 9 of the Infineon XENSIV Sensors Getting Started Box IoT Development Kits for free, thanks to our sponsor Digi Key.

Despite the kit being packed with 13 different pieces, the star of the show is the XMC1100 Boot Kit for Arduino. Obviously by the name, the XMC1100 is compatible with Arduino shields. But, it features so much more.

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Global technology solutions provider, Avnet, introduced the Monarch Go Pi HAT*, a new development kit designed to help product engineers and network developers enable suitable LTE connectivity for IoT solutions.
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Semtech Corporation announced its expanded collaboration with Helium, the company behind one the world's first peer-to-peer wireless networks based on Semtech's LoRa? devices and the LoRaWAN? protocol.
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A recent report from Berg Insight, an IoT market research firm, show that IoT managed service providers have more than 50 million IoT subscribers worldwide.Between Europe and North America, there is a combined 15-20% of the market share.
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The widespread adoption of advanced machinery has fueled unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency in factories around the world. Even in complex operations involving hundreds of machines, several minutes of downtime for just one machine can significantly impact profit margins. To minimize unplanned downtime and reactive repairs, manufacturers need to be able to anticipate production issues before they happen.
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