ML Insider 2022 Survey Shows Continued Increase in AI Investment

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 23, 2022

News ML Insider 2022 Survey Shows Continued Increase in AI Investment

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA., an Intel company, released findings from its 2022 ML Insider survey. The results indicated almost 50% of companies' belief in a continued increase in AI investment despite the current state of the economy. The survey also showed that a majority of organizations recognize AI's benefits, but overall adoption remains low because of a lack of AI talent and the complexity of the technology's development.

With 89% of organizations benefitting from AI solutions they already have in place, responses show increasing confidence in the value of the technology. However, AI maturity still remains low. More than 57% of respondents are running fewer than five ML models in their offerings, and 14% do not have AI implemented in their organization at all.

The key obstacles in AI execution remain the same as those reported in the 2021 ML Insider survey: hiring data science talent and lack of AI expertise, with the most important element restricting AI adoption being the technical complexity of development.

That being said, this year's survey indicates that AI is evolving and becoming more accessible. Seventy-five percent of respondents said AI is being built by data scientists, engineers, and software developers in their organizations, a trend that may help ease hiring difficulties in 2023, as well as accelerate the technology's maturation.

The ML Insider survey is an annual analysis of 430 AI professionals by of the machine learning industry that highlights trends, challenges, and points of interest that AI developers commonly face.

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