I Spy a Mini Eye with SiLC Technologies

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 26, 2024


I Spy a Mini Eye with SiLC Technologies
Image Credit: SiLC Technologies

SiLC Technologies, Inc. released the Eyeonic Vision System Mini (Eyeonic Mini), a new vision for LiDAR technology. The platform integrates a complete multi-channel FMCW LiDAR on a single silicon photonics chip and an integrated FMCW LiDAR System-on-Chip (SoC).

“Our FMCW LiDAR platform aims to enable a highly versatile and scalable platform to address the needs of many applications,” added Dr. Mehdi Asghari, CEO of SiLC Technologies. “At CES this year, we’re demonstrating our long-range vision capabilities of over two kilometers. With the Eyeonic Mini we’re showcasing our high precision at shorter distances. Our FMCW LiDAR solutions, at short or long distances, bring superior vision to machines to truly enable the next generation of AI-based automation.”

Leveraging the digital LiDAR SoC, the iND83301 (“Surya”), the Eyeonic Mini achieves an unprecedented level of detail. It offers precision that is ten times greater than current technologies yet is only one-third the size of current available products. This innovative step forward builds on the accomplishment of SiLC’s initial commercial FMCW LiDAR system, the Eyeonic Vision System.

For more information, visit silc.com.

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