Qeexo Releases AutoML for Sensor Data at the Edge

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


October 10, 2019


Qeexo Releases AutoML for Sensor Data at the Edge

Using Qeexo AutoML, companies can launch machine learning on embedded devices and begin analyzing data in a few hours.

Qeexo’s AutoML is a one-click, fully automated platform that will accelerate the manufacturing of machine learning solutions for Edge devices using sensor data. It also supports STMicroelectronics’s SensorTile.box.

The Qeexo AutoML eases the machine-learning-solution development process and reduces errors. It automates all complicated machine learning tasks so engineers can zero in on mission-critical R&D instead of doing tedious, repetitive tasks.

For more information, visit http://automl.qeexo.com.

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