VIA Provides Advanced AI Technology to Formosa Sumco Technology (FST)

November 15, 2019


VIA Provides Advanced AI Technology to Formosa Sumco Technology (FST)

FST to leverage VIA Image Recognition and Intelligent Learning algorithms to improve wafer defect identification to 99.9% accuracy.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 14, 2019 – VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced that Formosa Sumco Technology (FST) has adopted AI technologies from VIA to improve the process management and production of high quality silicon wafers. By integrating advanced Image Recognition and Intelligent Learning algorithms, FST is confident of substantially enhancing defect detection, and production line integration of the new process in the near future.

The terms of the cooperation between VIA and FST included special attention to improve and upgrade existing infrastructure, with minimal disruption to equipment layout and personnel operating procedures. The system uses a powerful Image Recognition and Intelligent Learning engine, designed with input from camera professionals to create a high-fidelity solution capable of an industry-leading defect detection rate of 99.9% - a major advantage for FST in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

The implementation of this advanced AI technology bolsters FST’s continued efforts in setting the pace in the transition to an AI-led, Industry 4.0 model. Investments in terms of R&D, professional recruitment and the acquisition of next-generation manufacturing equipment mean that FST can improve product quality, while also being able to fulfill customer requirements for high-quality monocrystalline silicon wafers. Implementing the latest AI technologies to further improve operational efficiency is expected to strengthen FST’s efforts to increase market share.

The project with FST underlines VIA’s commitment to assist business partners to implement advanced AI technologies that elevate operational efficiency and improve existing manufacturing infrastructure. Leveraging its unique legacy and position in the market, VIA looks forward to extending its partnership with FST in future Smart Manufacturing projects.