Armv9 Debug & Trace Support Added to Lauterbach TRACE32 Tool Suite

By Brandon Lewis


Embedded Computing Design

May 10, 2021


Lauterbach has announced that its TRACE32 family of tools now delivers full debug and trace support for the Armv9 architecture via the Armv9-A/-R Debugger. Available to new customers via a licensing agreement and existing Lauterbach Armv8 customers via a software update, TRACE32 Armv9 support includes on-chip and off-chip trace features via serial or parallel trace ports; flash programming; multicore debugging; hypervisor-aware debugging; MMU support; sample-based profiling; and so on.

With a seamless upgrade path from Armv8, TRACE32 users don’t need any additional training and can continue using the same hardware, software, and debug cables with Armv9 tools. Highlights of the Debugger follow:

  • Seamless debugging of Armv9 big.LITTLE systems
  • Arm CoreSight support
  • 32- & 64-bit Arm & THUMB instruction set support
  • 32- & 64-bit MMU formats supported
  • 32- & 64-bit semi-hosting support
  • Virtualization support
  • Multicore debugging
  • AMP debugging with DSPs, GPUs, & other cores
  • Baremetal and OS-aware debugging

“By adding support for the upcoming Armv9 architecture, Lauterbach is re-affirming their commitment to ongoing support for all Arm cores." says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director at Lauterbach GmbH, "[The close Arm] relationship has allowed us to consistently provide high quality tools, often before first silicon is available.”

For more information on Lauterbach support for Armv9, visit:

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