XJTAG Attending FPGAworld to Discuss Boundary Scan

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 21, 2023


XJTAG Attending FPGAworld to Discuss Boundary Scan
Image Credit: XJTAG

Cambridge, England. XJTAG is expected to attend FPGAworld in Stockholm on September 12th, 2023. Tommaso De Vivo, XJTAG’s Vice President, Business Development, EMEA, will be presenting  the talk entitled, Introduction to Accelerated PCBA Testing and Programming as well as representing XJTAG’s booth where he will be available for personalized conversations.

De Vivo said, “I’ll be explaining what boundary scan is and how it allows an FPGA’s pins to be turned into virtual test points that can be read and controlled. I’ll show how that can be used to test the board for assembly faults and to perform accelerated programming.”

XJTAG’s solutions assist engineers allowing them to unleash the most from FPGA boundary scans. The company has designs to overcome the challenge of assessing general high-density PCBAs with low physical access points produced by the shrinking board area and utilization of progressive IC packages such as BGAs.

“The beauty of using boundary scan to test the board is that the reduced level of physical access no longer matters. And because you don’t need to configure the FPGA or run any code on the board, you can also use it to find out what’s wrong on boards that won’t boot,” continued De Vivo.

Simon Payne, XJTAG CEO said, “All FPGAs have boundary scan built in, but many engineers don’t realise how it can help them. FPGAworld is a great opportunity to demonstrate how the board’s JTAG connection allows engineers to use the FPGA’s boundary scan capabilities to test their board.”

For more information, visit xjtag.com.

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