Arm’s New Partnerships Help Accelerate IoT Software Development

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 08, 2022


Arm’s New Partnerships Help Accelerate IoT Software Development

Arm announced its Arm Virtual Hardware solution, a cloud-based virtual modeling platform that provides models of Arm subsystems and third-party development boards to allow software developers, OEMs, and service providers to begin software development as well as software and hardware co-design without physical silicon or complex board farms. This virtual approach enables embedded systems developers to both use and scale modern development practices like MLOps and DevOps flows at scale.

Earlier this year, Arm added third-party development kit models to their Arm Virtual Hardware offering, aiming to help developers further accelerate the development of IoT. The company also recently announced several new partnerships that will further assist in achieving this goal by offering native integration of Arm’s cloud-based development tools.

GitHub and Arm are now partnering to integrate Arm development tools into GitHub Actions, a CI/CD platform that allows developers to automate their build, test, and deployment pipeline.

Developers can utilize Arm’s compiler and cross-compiler natively within GitHub Actions, as well as access Arm Virtual Hardware models of Corstone-based compute systems and Arm Cortex-M processors via self-hosted and GitHub-hosted runners.

A preview demonstration of this integration will be showcased at GitHub Universe on November 9-10, or developers can use this guide to get started immediately. 

AutoML platforms Qeexo and Nota.AI, which aim to ease the accessibility and deployment of machine learning workloads, have also partnered with Arm in the AI space to integrate Arm Virtual Hardware as a development target on their own platforms, available later this year.

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