Allxon to Showcase Smart AI Edge Computing Management System at ISE 2020 & Embedded World 2020

February 26, 2020

Press Release

Allxon Device Management rescues SI's and MSP's from enterprise-scale device management nightmares.

Taipei, Taiwan, February 6, 2020 - Allxon, a provider of first-of-its-kind Cloud-Based Out-of-band (COOB) solutions for AI-enabled Edge Computing, is pleased to announce its first attendance at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam at AOPEN booth: Hall 8 Booth C-255 from February 11 to 14. Allxon will also be on show at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg at Apacer's booth: Hall 1/ 1-505 and AVerMedia booth: Hall 2 / 2-456 from February 25 to 27. Allxon will be showcasing its flagship product Allxon Device Management Platform (ADM) for System Integrators and Managed Service Providers.

Allxon Device Management (ADM)
ADM provides System Integrators (SI) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) with a broad array of standard and customized cloud device management features that rescue businesses from time-consuming administration of cross-platform systems such as Windows, Android, and Linux. ADM empowers enterprise administrators with full remote control and management of multiple OS devices throughout their entire lifecycle. From individual or group enrollment, deployment, organization, monitoring, updating, troubleshooting and eventual retirement, ADM provides a centralized administration portal for all connected devices on any enterprise scale and in any environment.

Critical Business Services for SI's and MSP's
The Allxon Device Management (ADM) platform provides six services for SI's and MSP's: Provisioning and retirement of individual or groups of devices; over-the-air (OTA) software configuration for quick deployment and device repair, AI module updates on edge computers; remote monitoring and management (RMM) for security and system reliability; disaster recovery (DR) for reduced downtime impact: proactive alert management to avoid critical system issues; and custom solutions catered to specific business needs.

By incorporating ADM, System Integrators and Managed Service Providers will enjoy reliable, secure, time-saving enterprise device administration and control on one easy-to-use web-based interface.

Risk Mitigation & Proactive Detection
With an emphasis on business risk mitigation through Disaster Prevention and Disaster Recovery (DP/DR), ADM sends alerts to show signs of impending system failure or abnormal shutdown. SI and MSP admins may leverage Allxon's cloud-based out-of-band (COOB) solution to restart a crashed Operating System remotely in order to maximize up-time and minimize loss of business revenue due to costly service outages. Through Allxon's solutions, SI/MSP enterprises may save further on both cost and time by reducing or eliminating the need for onsite troubleshooting.

Allxon Partners for Long-Term Success
To address crucial SI and MSP device management pain points, Allxon has established strategic partnerships with key independent hardware vendors (IHV) players in the integration industry. These partnerships have already delivered value as seen in the following cases:

Service enabler SUNIX has integrated Allxon's out-of-band services with their in-house industrial hardware modules. By proactively matching SUNIX hardware with Allxon's OOB services, SUNIX is able to rapidly roll out standardized and customized services for both System Integrators and Managed Service Providers.

Allxon has partnered with Apacer to develop cloud-based enterprise-scale management services with a focus on remote management. These enable monitoring of crucial SSD performance factors such as temperature, remaining read/write cycles, and unexpected power failures, making finding and resolving items of concern much easier. And they're the perfect partner for Apacer's cutting-edge SV250 series of IIoT-optimized SSDs.

Allxon has designed a remote device management platform for AVerMedia Embedded Vision Solutions and for Nvidia's Jetson Series of CPUs, with the primary aim of solving pain points in deploying, monitoring and maintaining AI applications.

Allxon is responsible for the development and maintenance of cloud services for AOPEN Intelligent Control (AiCU), the latest innovation from AOPEN for its popular Digital Engine and eTILE product series which are applied computing and interactive all-in-one devices designed for industrial application.

ISE 2020 & Embedded World 2020
Allxon, looks forward to meeting System Integrators and Managed Service Providers at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam (at AOPEN booth: Hall 8 Booth C-255 - February 11-14) and Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg (at Apacer booth: Hall 1/ 1-505 and AVerMedia booth: Hall 2 / 2-456 - February 25-27).

About Allxon
Allxon envisions a world of open and optimized business operations. Allxon partners with key IHV and ISV players by rolling out efficient open-device management solutions for powerful SI and MSP business enterprises. With team members rallying deep industry experience starting in 2001 in IaaS, 2011 in PaaS, and 2017 in SaaS, in 2019 established Allxon now stands firmly as a purely SaaS service provider. At each stage, Allxon seeks to leverage expertise in cloud service to provide businesses with the best of software and hardware integration and service.

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