Dev Kit Weekly: Thunderboard Sense 2 Sensor-to-cloud advanced IoT Development Kit

May 15, 2020


In this week’s edition of Dev Kit Weekly we’re diving into the Thunderboard Sense 2 Sensor-to-cloud advanced IoT Development Kit from Silicon Labs.

Despite its size, the Thunderboard is loaded with some incredible features.

It hosts a range of sensors coupled with the multi-protocol EFR32 radio. Additionally, users can access a mobile app that offers Bluetooth communication and cloud connectivity. It also has on-board J-Link debugger.

The vast range of sensors is no exaggeration, totaling six different sensors, all with different capabilities. The sensors include a relative humidity and temperature sensor, a UV and ambient light sensor, a pressure sensor, and indoor air quality and gas sensor, a 6-axis inertial sensor, and a hall-effect sensor.

If the list of sensors wasn’t enough, a couple of other unique features to mention are the digital microphone and high brightness LEDs.

Good news for you guys…….we got even more features to talk about.

As mentioned, the Thunderboard has a multi-protocol radio. To go along with that, it has 2.4GHz of radio configuration with an on-board antenna.

As far as power goes, the board has 8 Mbit SPI ultra-low power NOR flash for local storage.

How does the board plug, you ask? Well, you can do so with the USB virtual com port.

Now, what’s really awesome about the development kit is the Thunderboard App that it connects to. The app is accessible from the iOS App store and the Google Play Store.

The iOS version is implemented in swift while the Android is implanted in native code. The source code is available in GitHub.

Features of the app include the ability to view sensor data, control the LEDs, detect button pushes, and stream sensor data to the cloud.

The kit isn’t very expensive. If you want to buy one, you can directly from DigiKey for $21.27….OR, thanks to DigiKey, you can enter this week’s raffle and take your chance at winning 1 of the 20 we’re giving away for free.

Thanks for watching this week’s Dev Kit Weekly…see you guys next week.