Imagination Launches IMG RTXM-2200, Its First Real-Time Embedded RISC-V CPU

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 24, 2022


Imagination Launches IMG RTXM-2200, Its First Real-Time Embedded RISC-V CPU

Imagination Technologies announced IMG RTXM-2200, its first real-time embedded RISC-V CPU, a highly scalable, feature-rich, 32-bit embedded solution with a flexible design for a wide range of high-volume devices.

IMG RTXM-2200 is one of the first commercial cores in Imagination’s Catapult CPU family, previously announced in December 2021.

Accelerating the expansion of its RISC-V offering, Imagination’s IMG RTXM-2200 can be integrated into complex SoCs for a range of applications including networking solutions, packet management, storage controllers, and sensor management for AI cameras and smart metering. Together with its GPU and AI accelerator IP, Imagination’s new CPU cores offer customers access to innovative heterogeneous solutions.

This real-time embedded core features up to 128KB of tightly coupled memories (both instruction and data) for deterministic response and Level 1 cache sizes of up to 128KB for robust performance. The new CPU offers a range of floating-point formats including single-precision and bfloat16. The latter enables manufacturers to deploy AI applications through this core without the need for an additional chip. This reduces silicon area, for a cost-effective and optimized design in AI cameras and smart metering applications.

The new CPU is supported by the expanding open-standard RISC-V ecosystem, which continues to shake up the embedded CPU industry through the democratisation of compute, unlocking innovative and open technological development for companies at all levels. 


Imagination real-time embedded cores come with a fully capable software SDK and tools package at launch. They work out of the box across multiple platforms to help develop and support the RISC-V ecosystem.

The Catapult Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a modern, cutting-edge IDE based on Visual Studio code providing a familiar environment that is better to use for up-to-date developers and designers. The IDE;

  • runs on Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, and macOS;
  • offers full Linux support (including reference bootloaders, kernel, and filesystem);
  • is compatible with gem5 software, unlocking simulation environments for enhanced power and energy-efficiency testing.

The IMG RTXM-2200 CPU is part of Imagination’s heterogeneous compute solution, offering full hardware, software, and debug support for Imagination IP – complementing its GPU, AI accelerator, and Ethernet Packet Processor (EPP) cores.

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