Road to embedded world ’23: Cambridge, UK, ZAYA

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 21, 2023


Road to embedded world ’23: Cambridge, UK, ZAYA
Image Credit: ZAYA

ZAYA will be located in hall 4A booth 620 during embedded world 2023 highlighting its secure and certified development solutions for RISC-V powered products. Visit ZAYA’s experts and learn about the Zaya RISCV-V TEE and RISC-V Security Monitor. ZAYA is PSA Certified, and it achieved the First & Only PSA Certification for a RISC-V Powered Chipset, called Blaitek’s BL808 Chipset.

TEE generates an isolated execution environment that collects all sensitive entities and operations as protection against external threats. ZAYA RISC-V TEE is a Root of Trust and provides all required security requirements required by security certifications, such as Platform Security Architecture (PSA), and SESIP. ZAYA RISC-V TEE is an independent executable that does not include the custom application executions, so it can be certified independently. It is a secure development environment for the user-space (custom application). ZAYA RISC-V TEE offers containerization technology even for MMU-less RISC-V Microcontrollers, called ZAYA Secure Microcontainers.

ZAYA Microcontainers provide secure, isolated, independent modular design for RISC-V. ZAYA RISC-V TEE supports multiple Microcontainers and each ZAYA Microcontainer is an independent executable which can be designed, developed, deployed, and certified independently. Independent deployment/upgrade of a Microcontainer offers a deployment-friendly solution, small deployment packages for resource constraint microcontrollers, and reduced network traffic.

Stand-alone Microcontainer upgrades/deployments also resolves the Machine Learning Model Upgrade limitations, and any-size of ML Model can be deployed and upgraded in the field. ZAYA Microcontainers are architecture-agnostic solutions and can be ported from one processor architecture to another.

They also provide HW Virtualization, and even a Guest RTOS can be run securely. By implementing this, existing applications that use non-secure OS/RTOSes, can be secured in an isolated Container/Microcontainer. ZAYA Microcontainers are protected according to PSA 10 Security Goals, but also ZAYA Microcontainer Access Policy simplifies the Microcontainer access on device resources.

ZAYA offers secure, turnkey and plug-and-play Microservices to accelerate the go-to-market for the vendors. ZAYA Microcontainers can be downloaded from cloud-located ZAYA Microcontainer Store, and a RISC-V product can have any abilities with zero-development effort cloud (AWS, Azure), Interpreters (Phyton, Rust), Crypto, Machine Learning, etc.

Stop by ZAYA's Booth, 4-123, for more details.

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