The Road to embedded world ’23: Munich, Germany, Codasip

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 01, 2023


Image Provided by Codasip

Writing my Exploited articles and traveling to our next stop, my head was brought to Sun Tzu, and his quote from The Art of War, “The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin.” Sounds drastic but let us think about all the data floating around ready for anyone with a means to just snatch it.

With black-hats constantly sweeping for vulnerabilities, it is either safety or ruin within the industry. Harsh reality, but Codasip can help ease some pain with its safe and secure solutions for RISC-V. And with that, we are at our next stop on our Road To embedded world 2023. Stopping in Munich, Germany, at the acclaimed Codasip Headquarters.

A few stops back I professed my liking of RISC-V, and with Codasip, two things are certain when you visit its booth at embedded world. One, you will be instructed on the growth of RISC-V, and two, you will learn the importance of safety and security in any embedded system.



The Codasip initiative, SecuRISC5, was launched in late 2022 with a goal of combining high-quality RISC-V processor cores, development tools, platforms, and software. Simply integrated for SoC design teams, the framework includes reference platforms with configurable and customizable IP through preferred source code.

SecuRISC5 is evolving the work of the RISC-V International Working Groups to implement new standards as they are ratified. This enables solutions for custom requirements with domain specific processing needs for the necessary support from proprietary ISAs.

Codasip delivers a manageable long-term approach in developing safe and secure applications that require some degree of automation in the toolset/UI developing the processor and in the architectural description language – the right choices can make it easy to insert much needed enhanced security features into RISC-V hardware designs, even customized, domain specific designs.

(Codasip High-Performance processor block diagram)

Be sure you are ready for the future of RISC-V controled embedded systems by visiting Codasip at Embedded World 2023, booth 4-565.

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