Road to embedded world: Avalue's Boards and Modules

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 14, 2024


Road to embedded world: Avalue's Boards and Modules
Image Credit: Avalue

Embedded Computing Design’s Road to Embedded World will highlight a host of embedded suppliers who will be showcasing their latest products and technologies at Embedded World, April 9th to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. Embedded World is the largest global gathering of its kind. Check back regularly to see where the Road to Embedded World takes us.

Our first stop on The Road to embedded world is Avalue, where it is bringing its pioneering human machine interface (HMI) and AI innovations to embedded world 2024. Avalue experts will be in booth 3-550 to discuss solutions driving industry advancement through its portfolio of embedded computing boards utilizing Intel power. Avalue will spotlight an extensive range of motherboards and modules, spanning Mini-ITX, SBC, SMARC, and OSM form factors.

Booth 3-550 Highlights:

Embedded System for Flawless Defect Detection and Matching:

  • Powered by Intel's Meteor Lake processor for powerful real-time analysis capabilities utilized in applications necessitating precision and swiftness.

Renity AIR for Object Classification and Recognition:

  • For the retail, industrial, and medical sectors, this intelligent solution accelerates product and material detection and recognition. Perfect for edge computing environments, AIR boosts efficiency, and accuracy while cutting employee training costs.

High-Performance Computing Motherboards:

  • Engineered for IoT vertical applications, these motherboards optimize operational competence and fortifies information security. The motherboards are ideal for data processing and analysis while also delivering instrumental insights.

In a strategic alliance with Heng Hao Technology Corporation and Immense Oak Technology Corporation, Avalue will present innovative touch solutions and a groundbreaking low power and compact human-machine interface controller ideal for smart buildings, healthcare facilities, and device management.

Message from Avalue

Collaborating with global system integrators, Avalue stands poised to deliver tailor-made solutions to diverse industries. By harnessing advanced technologies like AI and spearheading HMI innovations, Avalue fuels industry upgrades and maintains its vanguard position in technological evolution.

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