Let AI Analyze Your Data with the Synopsys.ai Full-Stack EDA Suite

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 07, 2023


Sunnyvale, California. Synopsys, Inc. is extending its Synopsys.ai full-stack EDA suite with a complete AI-driven data analytics scale for all stages of integrated circuit (IC) chip design. The solution delivers the ability to create multi-domain data collection and analyzation through AI-driven protocols and methods allowing chip engineers a workflow that is optimized with reliable debug options.  

Sanjay Bali, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management, EDA Group, Synopsys said, "With the new data analytics capabilities within the Synopsys.ai EDA suite, companies can now aggregate and leverage data across every layer of the EDA stack from architecture exploration, design, test, and manufacturing to drive improvements in PPA, yield, and engineering productivity."

Solution Includes:

  • Synopsys Design.da - analysis of data 
  • Synopsys Fab.da - store and analyze large streams of fab equipment process control data
  • Synopsys Silicon.da - collect petabytes of silicon monitor, diagnostic, and production test data from equipment

"The volume of data generated during chip manufacturing and testing is massive, making big data tools essential to analyze and extract meaningful conclusions from these data sets," said Dr. Greg Bazan, senior principal engineer at Marvell. "The Synopsys chip data analytics tool has been vital to improve the efficiency and quality of our manufacturing process. We look forward to experiencing how the benefits of Synopsys' next-generation analytics tool can further improve our KPIs and reduce manufacturing and test costs for our next-generation products."

For more information, visit synopsys.com


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