Mini Series: Seven Steps to Cybersecurity at the Edge

By Arlen Baker

Principal Security Architect

Wind River

April 22, 2021


According to IDC, there will be an estimated 42 billion connected devices by 2025. Each of these devices represents a point of entry that can be exploited by a cyberattack. But for devices and systems with safety-critical functionality, the stakes are even higher as a security breach can have catastrophic consequences on physical property and human safety.

As Matt Jones, Chief Architect at Wind River puts it, “You can have a secure system that is not safety critical, but you cannot have a safety-critical system that isn’t secure.” 

But where does that leave IoT engineers developing safety-critical intelligent edge systems? For many of these individuals, security is a foreign discipline that suddenly became central to the way they design, build, and code.

This seven-part mini series reveals seven steps towards developing and deploying secure systems that will resist cyber threats throughout their lifecycle. Join Aarlen Baker, Principal Security Architect at Wind River for a fast-paced look at how to bake cybersecurity into can’t-fail devices at the edge.

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