Securing the Automobile in a Connected World

July 01, 2020


Who would have thought that someone would want to hack an automobile? About five years ago, someone hacked into a Jeep, and that forever changed the outlook on automotive security.

The damage caused by a hack can run the gamut from nothing, where the hacker just wants to make a point…to potentially endangering lives. At the same time, the damage that can be done to a brand could devastate (and bankrupt) a company. The bottom line is that whether you’re the auto maker or a supplier to the auto industry, security is a topic you need to take seriously.

To that end, as you can see in the video, the folks at UltraSoC have a solution that’s squarely aimed at automotive. We go under the hood to look at the various ECUs and their impact on security.

Essentially, UltraSoC provides “hardware monitors on a chip” that are designed into each ECU on the vehicle. Those smart monitors can pinpoint any unusual and/or malicious behavior. They then report back and allow an action to occur in nanoseconds, a speed that’s required to prevent a catastrophe. Note that most competitive solutions are specified in milliseconds.

In the video, Aileen Ryan, UltraSoC’s Chief Strategy Officer, walks me through the company’s offering, how it works, and the steps the automotive industry should take to ensure that its automotive environment remains secure.