Security Awareness

October 28, 2019


Security Awareness

Systems today are more connected than ever before, increasing not only the ?attack surface? but the motivation for an attack itself. How is your company addressing securing for your connected systems?

The most secure system in the world is powered off, embedded in concrete, and mined with tamper-sensitive explosives. Unfortunately, it is also the most useless system in the world. In order for a system to be useful, it needs to interact with the environment and provide some level of functionality. Historically, embedded systems were mostly islands – that is, they provided their functionality in a stand-alone manner, and weren’t connected, or had limited connectivity to other systems. With these kinds of systems, it was relatively easy to analyze their security – the number of ways of getting in and compromising the operation was extremely limited. Systems today are more connected. A lot of these protocols and connections are incorporated into modern devices as a matter of course, without enough thought given to their security implications. 

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