Klocwork 2018 launches at embedded world 2018

February 22, 2018


Klocwork 2018 launches at embedded world 2018

Rogue Wave delivers C++14 and 17 and AUTOSAR support in latest release, and shares open source best practices for embedded development.

Rogue Wave Software announces the latest in static code analysis technology with Klocwork 2018. The latest version of the automotive industry's leading static code analysis tool adds AUTOSAR compliance to its robust MISRA, DISA-STIG, CWE, CERT, OWASP, and other industry standards coverage. Klocwork 2018 adds C++14 and 17 support with an even faster analysis engine.

"With the advent of autonomous vehicles, connectivity across the Internet of Things, and the speed of development, it's never been more important to ensure safety, security, and compliance for applications in the embedded landscape," says André Girard, Sr. Analyst, IoT & Embedded Technology, VDC Research. "We're still seeing some lag in adoption of automated testing and security best practices in embedded environments, so there's an opportunity to apply technology, processes, and exchange of ideas to drive more robust applications."

With three conference presentations, Rogue Wave experts deliver specific, applicable information on key embedded development topics:

C++17: Analysis and risk mitigation of security vulnerabilities session explores the impact of these new features on software quality and identifies new and expanded security vulnerabilities and attack vectors that can be exploited. Using real- world information and analysis, we'll present sample vulnerabilities and defects, and evaluate techniques and standards for reducing risk.

Embracing the ubiquity of open source in embedded development, The state of embedded open source software in 2018 session uses statistics, use cases, and examples from around the industry as well as actual technical support issues. Applying OSS top packages and tools across the application stack, we'll extract common issues and solutions, forming a representative framework for how open source is used in development environments and production devices. The session will address package selection, integration, team staffing, and maintenance, and these topics and more are to provide specific best practices on identifying potential risk areas, open source management within the team, and how to get help if something goes wrong.

Achieving AUTOSAR C++14 compliant code with Klocwork offers practical guidance on developing applications to satisfy the latest industry standard.

Visit our static code analysis and open source experts at the Rogue Wave booth, #4-139 and participate in the "Find the bug" contest for a chance to win a HS100 (GPS) drone with 720p HD WiFi camera.

For more information on: Klocwork 2018, Open Source Support, Rogue Wave Software or to request a briefing, please contact Bailey Battige.